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Cutting the cake

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Kyriakos Greek Dance Workshop, April 2017

Dance promoter and teacher Kyriakos Moisidis visited Auckland on 1 April, 2017. The following day, further dances were taught by resident New Zealand teachers. Altogether a fantastic weekend! See the review in the 2017 Folkdancers' Own magazine.


Greek Dance workshops with Kyriakos, April 2017

Rhythm & Grapevines, September 2016

A fun weekend with a full menu of folk dances from around the world held in Gisborne, 23-25 September, 2016. Choose from the galleries below. See the review in the 2017 Folkdancers' Own magazine.

Dancers in bar

Dancing at The White House - Friday Night

Folk dancers

Saturday Workshop and Evening Social with scratch band Gisborne Fire

Candle dance

Tairawhiti Filipino Society performing a candle dance at the Saturday social

Dancers in bar

Sunday Morning at The White House

Winter Winter WarmUp, August 2015

A dance party brought together 15 performing groups, who showed dances and invited the audience to join in. The event was the annual Winter WarmUp - held 8 August, 2015 at Danish House, Auckland. Click/tap the image to go to the gallery.


Past Years Gallery

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AMS Party, 11 June 2011

"We had a great time at the AMS ceilidh last night. Over 60 people gathered, and we enjoyed a varied Anglo-Celtic romp with the Gaidhealtachd band, performance dancing and joining in with Bulgarian Roses, a brilliant exposition of fast syncopated Irish fiddle playing by Alasdair Robertson, and good company, besides a yummy supper." - Rae Storey


Dancers at the AMS ceildh
Photo: Nikolay Kabzamalov (neweldesign.com)

Folk Dance Camp, 4-6 June 2011

Workshops spanned the world, with tutors from Aotearoa, Bulgaria and France. Evening socials included Contra dancing from America, French community dance in the form of a bal, and a spectacular performance by Polish group Lublin.

For more great shots, go to FDNZ National Camp 2011 gallery by Michael Edge-Perkins of syncretism associates.

Group doing French dance

French dance at the Bal
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Lublin couple

Polish group Lublin performing
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Lublin couple

Polish group Lublin performing
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Sonia and Antoinette

How does this one go?
Photo: Michael Edge-Perkins
hi-res version

Aleksandar Zankin

Aleksandar Zankin teaching Bulgarian dances
Photo: Kieron HH
hi-res (275k)

French Dancing at the Indigo Festival, March 2010

In March 2010 Hamilton hosted the Indigo Festival - a festival of cultures - where diverse ethnic groups participated in a week-long exploration of culture, language and performance.  Dance Folkus was asked by the Hamilton Alliance Française society to represent them with a bracket of French dances at the final cultural event.

Musicians and singers (257k)

Musicians and singers
Photo: Ron Smith

Dancers (707k)

Photo: Ron Smith

Stage and audience (326k)

Stage and audience
Photo: Ron Smith

See also:

Folk Dance Camp, 5-8 February 2009

An action-packed weekend of workshops, evening parties, networking and fun. Guest tutor was the lovely gentlewoman Maggie O’Regan brought us a lovely selection of international dances - mainly Russian, but also Ukrainian, Tibetan Chinese, Albanian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Turkish and Romanian. See articles starting on page 5 of Folkdancers' Own, December 2009 (PDF, 1.5M).

Sonya Arabadzhieva

Sonya Arabadzhieva at FDNZ National Camp 2009
Photo: Rae Storey
hi-res (389k)

Alastair Sinton leading dances at the 2009 FDNZ National Camp

Alastair Sinton leading dances at the 2009 FDNZ National Camp
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (540k)

FDNZ Camp, February 2009 group shot

Group photo at the Saturday evening dance/party, including Footspa members in the background
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (434k)

Farandol 30th group shot

Farandol 30th birthday group shot
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (med: 610k)
hi-res (large: 5M)

Maggie O'Regan leads dances in Christchurch, February 2009

Maggie O'Regan leading others, including Katy Sinton and Rae Storey, in one of the dances she taught earlier in the day
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (466k)

Sonya and Tina Arabadzhieva

Sonya and her daughter, Tina, in traditional costume
Photo: Tony Devenish
hi-res (527k)

Two cakes!

Photo: Cleone Cawood

People just having fun...

Costumes (56k)

Cleone and Jean proudly show their costumes after a trip to the Czech Republic

Rae Storey - birthday

Rae Storey (past President) celebrates a special birthday

Kate Goodwin, Alastair Sinton and other folks having fun

Kate and Alastair try out Cacak - holding the belt in the traditional style adds to the challenge

Fiona Murdoch and Chrissy in Hamilton

Fiona and Chrissy at a workshop in Hamilton

Athena Dancing Group

Athena group from Tauranga at the FDNZ Festival, June 2006
Photo: Alan Oldale

Athena Dancing Group

Athena group from Tauranga in 2009

FDNZ National Camp 2006

General dancing at the 2006 national camp
Photo: Alan Oldale
hi-res (291k)

Hawkes Bay International Dancing Group

Hawke's Bay International Dancing Group 25-year celebration
Photo: Elaine Prakash
hi-res (668k)

Ruth Ames and group

Ruth and her group performing


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