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ISSN: 1176-628X Volume 11 Number 1: June 2006


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Dancing On The Web!

Mayim Mayim - original sheet music with drawings, photographs, notes and explanations

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Listen to Traditional and New Music On-Line

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Israeli Dance Resources

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CID Circulars Archive

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Corfu Symposio – new website to fund non-profit groups

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Folk Art Photographs

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Dvorana Dance

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ABC - The Daily Planet radio programme

interesting links:
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Memories from the Argentine

The Buenos Aires Song

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Dancing On The Web!

Mayim Mayim - original sheet music with drawings, photographs, notes and explanations

From: Jewish Australia Online Newsletter – February 26, 2006

It is a real privilege and pleasure to share with you a rare historical document with special meaning for all lovers of Israeli music and dance.

A New York reader has sent us via the internet the original sheet music with drawings, photographs, notes and explanations, of the song and dance "Mayim Mayim" (Water, Water) one of the earliest Hebrew folk dances.

The words are from the prophet Isaiah.  The music is by a Russian immigrant who came to Palestine in 1924 aged 15.  Elsie Dublon choreographed the dance in 1937 and in 1946 "Lion the Printer" of 7 Hamagid Street, Tel Aviv, published the material for the Zionist Organisation Youth Department of the Jewish Agency.

This was one year after the end of World War Two, and two years before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Who knows how many similar treasures are lying forgotten on dusty shelves or in cupboards around the world? We do know, however, that those we can find can reach a new audience via the internet.

To view the documents, and enjoy the connecting links, go to:
"Ushavtem mayim b'sason - Joyfully Shall You Draw Water"
Aura Levin Lipski
Publisher, Jewish Australia Online Network

Listen to Traditional and New Music On-Line

UK Folk radio traditional and new music on the web at "Radio Britfolk" –

Israeli Dance Resources

Hebrew - Your Online Library of Hebrew Songs:

Over 3300 song entries.  Transliterations and translations into English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages, sent in by readers worldwide.  With links to the interactive Israeli dance database and Hebrew lyrics.  Also featuring:  Israeli artists links, texts to each of the Psalms, comprehensive links for Israel's national anthem, keep track of the Jewish festivals, Jewish songs for the festivals.

Israeli - The Global Resource for Israeli Dances:

We love your dance events!  Add your dance camps, parties and workshops to our Events page.  Buy Israeli dance DVDs and videos – from beginners to the latest Hishtalmut workshops: circle, children's, line and partner dances all available immediately.  Find Israeli dance classes and camps around the world, and see the latest dances taught at major camps around the world.  Click on to our Database and scroll down to "Latest Updates".  Search the database in Hebrew.

CID Circulars Archive

The UNESCO International Council for Dance (CID) sends circulars to those who register on their website, often advertising grants, travel subsidies, fellowships and scholarships for dancers and choreographers.   For opportunities announced previously you can visit the CID web site (above).

Corfu Symposio – new website to fund non-profit groups

The site is a novel idea, where the home page has small blocks with direct links to the websites of those who have purchased blocks for 100 Euros. Several similar sites exist, but this one differs in that funds generated will be used for non-profit purposes.

The website is run by Corfu Symposio, a non-profit company which has been set up as a permanent forum to support and promote the three core themes of Sustainable Development, Cultural Diversity & Dialogue and Conditions for Peace.

The funds will be used to support the work of Corfu Symposio and in addition to support the work of other non-profit organizations whose aims are either one or more of the 3 core themes mentioned above.

Those who purchase blocks will be supporting sustainable development, cultural diversity and dialogue and conditions for peace, and will be seen to be supporting them.

For more information, go to their website or contact:

Tony Clark, Corfu Symposio -

Folk Art Photographs

To promote his book and photography business, Stephen Spinder of New York shows a number of his photos of Transylvania, Budapest, Central America, Southeast Asia and so on.  This website is worth a visit even if only to look at the photos of elaborate costumes, instruments and architecture, but they’re very tempting for anyone with the dosh – but you have to invite me over for coffee when they arrive.  (Note: I had trouble using Internet Explorer - but it did work in Fire Fox).

Dvorana Dance

is a dance school from Prague, Czech Republic. DVORANA has been organizing international dance workshops and tours since 1985 all over Europe for those interested in:

  • Czech, Moravian and Slovak folk dancing
  • Vintage dances
  • New England contra dances
  • Scottish country dances

Stories at ABC's The Daily Planet

Note that the music associated with these stories was only available on-line for one week:

Kocani Orkestar (Macedonian) - Romany Brass Band.

Zarbang - Band playing Persian & Middle Eastern percussion (Zarb = a Persian drum), santur, dulcimer, Iranian tombak & daf playing.

Yasmin Levy - Ladino singer - links Jewish liturgical music style to flamenco.

Kudsi Erguner - virtuoso Turkish nay player (reed flute) in a sextet ensemble which includes zither, fiddle, lute & frame drums.

Daily Planet Home page: - it's worth checking the programme regularly!

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